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Poetry: Tools & Techniques   by   John C. Goodman


"Poetry isn't what anyone tells you it 'should' be.
Poetry is what you, as a writer, make it."


Want to improve your craft?
Then this is a good place to start.


Poems do not simply happen, they are made – Poetry: Tools & Techniques shows how to make them. In plain, straight-forward language, this practical guide introduces the devices and techniques used by successful poets.

Poetry: Tools & Techniques is a starting point for writers to find their own direction rather than a definitive textbook on how to write in the proper and approved manner.

Poetry: Tools & Techniques investigates the structure of language and how it conveys meaning – and from that shows how to create and use a poetic, a philosophy of language, to shape and inform your writing. The book encourages poets to explore the limits of language and discover how to make language speak beyond itself – to make language say what it was not designed to say, to express the inexpressible.

Poetry: Tools & Techniques provides an introduction to the basic elements of poetry – metaphor, imagery, punctuation, syntax, rhythm, etc. – the actual techniques and devices that go into making a poem, right down to the nuts and bolts structural parts of language – the conjunctions, prepositions, articles, etc. – and shows how they affect poetic language.

Whether you are a beginning poet or an experienced writer, Poetry: Tools & Techniques will help you improve your craft.


Poetry: Tools & Techniques is an excellent resource for aspiring poets. Now, keeping in mind writing is subjective and that a poetry-help book will not make you a poetic master, but it will help you on your way. This guide gives you techniques to writing in an engaging manner that hooks your readers. My personal favorite section was chapter 8, "Unnecessary Words and Finding The Right Verbs". Pieces of poems are used as in-text examples to illustrate his tips, suggestions, and techniques. Another section that caught my attention, though it was not directly about improving your poetry, was the last chapter, titled "Some Poetics". This section discusses a large number of poetry movements, such as the Beats, anti-poetry, and slam. Check this book out if you're a poet just starting out, and looking to gain some ideas for improvement.

- Jeremiah Walton - Nostrovia! Poetry, A Publishing Press


This is a superb book. Don't just sit down and write "poetry" from the "seat of your pants." Get this book (and read it!) so you will have a good foundation.

- Interested Reader on


"Am new to poetry and found this book packed full of very useful tips and how to collect your own ideas/ thoughts and structure them accordingly."

- MarkyMark on


"Excellent advice. I've been writing for years and books like these are always great to refresh your skills with."

-  Bob Vander on YouTube


Now Available!

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